A Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody against the Antiviral and Cancer Genomic DNA Mutating Enzyme APOBEC3B

Brown W.L., Law E.K., Argyris P.P., Carpenter M.A., Levin-Klein R., Ranum A.N., Molan A.M., Forester C.L., Anderson B.A., Lackey L., & Harris R.S.


The DNA cytosine deaminase APOBEC3B (A3B) is normally an antiviral factor in the innate immune response. However, A3B has been implicated in cancer mutagenesis, particularly in solid tumors of the bladder, breast, cervix, head/neck, and lung. Here, we report data on the generation and characterization of a rabbit monoclonal antibody (mAb) for human A3B. One mAb, 5210-87-13, demonstrates utility in multiple applications, including ELISA, immunoblot, immunofluorescence microscopy, and immunohistochemistry. In head-to-head tests with commercial reagents, 5210-87-13 was the only rabbit monoclonal suitable for detecting native A3B and for immunohistochemical quantification of A3B in tumor tissues. This novel mAb has the potential to enable a wide range of fundamental and clinical studies on A3B in human biology and disease.